OpBill is a simple and elegant solution to medical billing.

Designed by a team of surgical assistants, surgeons and physicians, OpBill has been created to revolutionise the medical billing industry. We know what works, and what doesn’t.

Our team have long been frustrated with the current available options for many years. Without any recent progress in this area, we have developed OpBill. An amazingly beautiful solution for your billing needs.


OpBill allows users to upload their cases for billing at the click of a button. All from the convenience of a mobile app. Simply take a photo of the hospital sticker, select which hospital, surgeon (for assistants), and item number/s, and click send! It is really that easy. This process takes 10 seconds per case. Job done.

OpBill is a one stop shop for Medical Billing.

Privately Insured Patients

Third Party Billing


Financial Reports

OpBill will generate your monthly statements of billing direct to your email address. This allows you to directly visualise how many cases you have billed, and what you have received every month! Your hard earned income will be deposited directly to your bank account as it is paid from each Health Fund. No Delays. No Middle man.

You won’t even have to spend time sending us money – we will automatically debit your credit card each month after you’ve had time to review your invoice!

Download OpAlert via iOS or Android now, to access the OpBill features.


Did you know: OpBill is designed as a billing service for ALL your billing – Not just the work you secure through OpAlert. Once you bill with OpBill, you’ll never go back to anything else.

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Synergy – OpAlert and OpBill

We are the only company in Australia to combine a mobile App billing service with an App that allows surgical assistants to find work at the touch of a button. OpAlert is a revolutionary app that allows surgical assistants to find lucrative private surgical lists around Australia. All from the convenience of their mobile phone. As Surgeon’s upload surgical lists, you will receive direct notifications to your phone. Surgeons spend seconds finding their assistants and anaesthetists. OpAlert is a completely FREE service for all users that use OpBill.

By Combining these two services into one elegant App, we deliver a beautiful user experience. Surgical Assistants are now able to find extra surgical lists, and complete all of their billing, all from the convenience of their mobile phone! Surgeons can find assistants and anaesthetists and do their billing all from the same app!


The future of medical billing is finally here

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