OpBill has been created from the ground up with you in mind. Designed by Surgical Assistants, Surgeons and Physicians, we know what you want. FAST, ELEGANT, ACCURATE and most importantly, COST EFFECTIVE. We all know the value of time. Can you afford to waste another second doing manual data entry, or chasing down your own bills?


The current billing market is divided two groups.

  1. There are providers that will provide a detailed billing service, but charge a 5-10% service fee. This is a large amount of money that you deserve to keep yourself.

  1. “Cheaper” online versions. These companies charge 2-3%, but are time consuming and ‘clunky’ to use, and don’t deliver the beautiful user experience that you deserve.

Enter OpBill. OpBill has been created to fill this much needed gap in the market. OpBill is a platform that is accessed via the OpAlert App.

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OpBill allows users to upload their cases for billing at the click of a button. All from the convenience of a mobile app. Simply take a photo of the hospital sticker, select which hospital, surgeon, and item number, and click send! It is really that easy. This process takes 10 seconds per case. Job done.

Not only does OpBill provide users with the most time efficient elegant solution to medical billing, but we also do this at a fraction of the price to our nearest competitor.

We are confident that you will be amazed with our billing solution. Our charges are 1% of your Billings*. This is 50% LESS than our nearest competitor. As we mentioned previously, we know what users want – Efficiency | Minimal Fees | Elegance.

We are the only company in Australia to combine a mobile app billing service with an App that allows surgical assistants to find work, and surgeons to find assistants and anaesthetists – at the touch of a button. OpAlert is a revolutionary app that allows surgical assistants to find lucrative private surgical lists around Australia. All from the convenience of their mobile phone. As Surgeon’s upload surgical lists, you will receive direct notifications to your phone. Simply click “Accept” and the work is yours. OpAlert is a completely FREE service for all users that use OpBill.

OpBill understands that billing paperwork can be a frustrating process. That why we created the OPBILL ONE FORM  a revolutionary system that allows you to simply fill in ONE single form. Once this form is filled in, OpBill will have all the necessary information to complete the various forms required to commence billing though OpBill. Our mantra is to make you life simple – so let OpBill take care of the paperwork for you!

The future of medical billing is finally here

Download the Free OpAlert app now to join OpBill and start your billing.