Finding your Provider numbers and BUPA Practice ID is simple and easy. If you already have these numbers on hand, fantastic! If not, here are the steps you can do to find the numbers required. It would take all of 5 minutes. In this guide, we will cover several methods. Some of them depend on whether or not you are currently using a billing agent or not.


How to get your Provider Numbers from Medicare

Option 1 (Using PRODA):

Proda is an online portal for managing your Provider numbers etc. You can either login (if you already have an account) or register. To register, you just need to know one of your provider numbers, and have enough identification to confirm your account automatically. Its quick, simple and shows you a list of all of your provider numbers for each location. Once logged in, go to My Details > My Provider Numbers. Select ACTIVE from the status menu, and then copy down all of your provider numbers with their locations.

Option 2 (Calling Medicare):

Staying on hold can be frustrating, so here is a short guide to make the process easier. Call 132 150. You want to select Option 2 (Provider Registrations) and have a chat. Ask them to either email you a list of your provider numbers, which you can send to us via email, or write them down.

Option 3 (You’ve never had a provider number!):

How are you assisting without a provider number? If you don’t have one, you really need to read this article. It can take up to 6 weeks for initial registration of your provider number.

Option 4 (You’re using another biller – i.e. Surgeonline):

Lets say you’re using a biller and you want to change to OpBill. Here is a run down of how to find your provider number in Surgeonline (For example).

  1.  Login to your Surgeonline account at www.surgeonline.com.au

  2. Select User Details from the left column (Heading under “Home”)

  3. Select “Provider Number”

  4. Copy down your provider numbers and locations.


Once you have your provider numbers, please enter them on the form (along with locations), or email us at provider@opbill.com.au with your name, and a list of provider numbers and locations. Thanks!

Finding your BUPA Practice ID

BUPA is one of the largest health funds around. When you are registered with BUPA, it covers 7 different funds, so your registration with BUPA is essential. It is one of the only health funds that require your own Practice ID (For you personally). If you have billed before, you will have one. If you have billed through a Billing Agent that takes your money before sending it to you, then you may not have one.

If you have one, but lets say you’ve filed that away somewhere and can’t find it. Here is how to find your BUPA Practice ID.


You have a practice ID: Call BUPA Provider Operations on 1800 060 239


You have never billed before and don’t have a Practice ID: Do Nothing. We will submit your New BUPA form and you will be allocated a Practice ID.