Technology is changing the face of the surgical assistant billing market

As with most aspects of life, advances in technology are changing the face of how we work within the health industry. The surgical assistant billing industry is no different. Gone are the days of needing to manually complete ‘billing cards’ with all of the patient’s personal details and health fund details. I remember having to hand deliver these cards to a billing provider in the hope that I wouldn’t lose any of the details before I got paid (often many months later). Unfortunately, there are still some billing companies that operate with this out dated workflow.

On January 9th 2007, our world changed for ever. Steve Jobs introduced the iphone! 18 months later, the app store was developed creating a technology boom in every industry across the planet. Development companies have spent the last 10 years creating technological solutions to real world problems. Many of these App’s have been created to save you time and money. Surgical assistant billing, is an industry like many others. The user experience is of highest importance.

Surgical assistants spend countless hours working within the operating theatre. Having a simple, elegant, cost effective billing solution, all from the convenience of a mobile phone, is an obvious step forward. OpBill does exactly that. Created by surgical assistants to fill a void in the Australian market, OpBill allows users to complete their ‘billing’ within seconds of finishing a case. Surgical assistants can have peace of mind, knowing that their income will be directly paid into their preferred account, without being delayed or held by a ‘middle-man’ billing provider.

There has been an explosion in medical apps over the past few years. Creating a surgical assistant billing app that is redefining the market, all while being Australia’s cheapest surgical assistant billing provider, is now complete.

The future is here – OpBill

To Join OpBill you will need to download the OpAlert app and sign up. OpBill is only available to Surgical Assistants. When you sign in successfully to OpAlert, you will see a button. Once you click the OpBill button once, your account is then activated, and you can start billing immediately!

Click on the link to your right, to download either the iOS or Android Apps.