OpBill Launches

When we created OpAlert, we planned to create an add-on billing platform. Over the year, with the backing of some amazingly smart people, we are now ready to realise our goal, and launch OpBill.

OpBill is what Surgical Assistants have been asking for for a decade. The ability to bill their cases immediately, quickly, and elegantly. We spent over a year refining our system, and we are now proud to state that we have an amazing product to share with you. The facts are:

  • OpBill is simply the FASTEST way to bill a case. Period. Nothing even comes close.

  • OpBill is the most COST EFFECTIVE way to bill.

  • OpBill has advanced techniques to enable you to receive your billings quickly, and without rejections.

  • OpBill does NOT require you to input patient demographic data

  • OpBill stores its data securely, and in Australia. No data gets transmitted to any other country (Not all billing agents can say the same)

  • OpBill organises for the money to be credited DIRECTLY to your bank account. We do NOT hold your money and collect interest!

  • OpBill was made by doctors, for doctors.

To Join OpBill you will need to download the OpAlert app and sign up. OpBill is only available to Surgical Assistants. When you sign in successfully to OpAlert, you will see a button. Once you click the OpBill button once, your account is then activated, and you can start billing immediately!

Click on the link to your right, to download either the iOS or Android Apps.