Surgical Assistant Billing – What to look for in a billing company

Surgical assistant billing is a service that should be very important to you as a surgical assistant. You have spent your precious time and energy assisting the surgical case and you now need a method to be able to receive your hard earned income. But before you rush off and choose ‘any old’ billing provider, it’s important that you give this some serious thought.

There are many surgical assistant billing providers on the Australian market, but not all companies are created equal. Think about what you value most with a billing service. When asked this question, most surgical assistants come up with three key values. Simplicity. Low cost. Time efficient.

As doctors, we lead a chaotic lifestyle, and striking a work-life balance can be difficult. You have already given up your time to work as a surgical assistant for a list. Being a surgical assistant not only provides you with a revenue stream, but it also allows you to create relationships with surgeons, helps improve your own surgical skills, and increases your understanding of surgical pathologies. Filling out the paperwork at home that night, does none of these things. Once you leave the operating theatre, we believe that you should spend time with your family and friends, not uploading the many details required to process a billing payment.

What if we told you that there is now a way for you to complete your surgical assistant billing in seconds, between cases, all from the convenience of your mobile phone. Elegant in design, beautiful in its simplicity, and 50% less expensive than the nearest competitor. OpBill has been created by surgical assistants and surgeons to do exactly that. There has been a clear void in the surgical assisting billing market for many years. Some providers offer a good service, but charge anywhere from 5-10% of your billings. While this may not seem like a lot of money for any one case, it certainly adds up over time, and may account for you being thousands of dollars out of pocket every year. Other online providers charge a lower amount, but require you to spend your own valuable time entering data on a computer at the end of each operating list. These methods are time consuming and out-dated.

We encourage you to take control of your surgical assistant billing by entering the magical world of OpBill. Elegant, beautiful simplicity, and the lowest cost of any Australian billing provider. All from the convenience of a unique mobile app – OpAlert.

The future is here

To Join OpBill you will need to download the OpAlert app and sign up. OpBill is only available to Surgical Assistants. When you sign in successfully to OpAlert, you will see a button. Once you click the OpBill button once, your account is then activated, and you can start billing immediately!

Click on the link to your right, to download either the iOS or Android Apps.