OpBill for Surgical Assistants

Being a surgical assistant is a great way to increase your income and learn the art of surgery. While you spend a lot of time thinking about the surgical side of assisting, you probably don’t put the same time into deciding who is going to take care of your surgical assistant billing.

While the majority of surgical assistants outsource this to a third party surgical assistant billing provider, some surgical practices will process the assistant’s billings at the same time as the Surgeons. While the process sounds easy on paper, the reality of this can be difficult.

This practice requires that the Surgeon’s rooms process the payments on your behalf. What is then required is that when the Surgeon gets paid (can be months later), the administration staff will have to counter check who assisted for those particular cases. They will then need to request that the Surgeon writes a cheque on behalf of the assistant or process the funds into your account. All of these steps take time. A lot of time. As an assistant, you become reliant on the surgeon’s rooms to chase these bills up for you and process the payments into your account. As an admin worker, these steps can be frustrating.

At OpBill, we encourage surgical assistants to take billing into their own hands. It is a very simple process when outsourcing to a surgical assistant billing provider such as OpBill. All that you need to do is download our FREE OpAlert app, and take a photo of the hospital sticker after each case. You simply add the surgical assistant item numbers (same that the Surgeon used) and click ‘Submit’. The whole process takes less than 10 second. You will then be able to monitor all of the cases that you have submitted and watch as OpBill processes the cases and you are paid directly into your bank account. You will be sent monthly statements for how much you have been paid. You will receive your money faster than waiting for the surgeon’s rooms to pay you, and if you have any questions along the way, you can contact us, rather than have to chase up any loose ends with the Surgeon.

While there are several surgical assistant billing providers in Australia, OpBill is the leader in convenience (less than 10 seconds per case) and cost (only 1% of your billings).

If you think that there will be a lot of paperwork required to set this up, then think again. OpBill has created a unique ‘ONE FORM’ that takes 3-5 minutes to fill out on the internet. This will automate all of the forms that are needed, and we take care of sending these all off for you. Its really that simple. You could be setup and billing with 5 minutes. A great investment in you taking control of your income stream.

OpBill. Designed to make your life simple!

To Join OpBill you will need to download the OpAlert app and sign up. OpBill is only available to Surgical Assistants. When you sign in successfully to OpAlert, you will see a button. Once you click the OpBill button once, your account is then activated, and you can start billing immediately!

Click on the link to your right, to download either the iOS or Android Apps.