One Form

Completing our unique One Form Registration
The information that you provide to us pre-populates onto a number of Health Fund, workcover and Medicare forms. Please ensure that you have all necessary information at hand to complete your Registration correctly otherwise you may be asked to resubmit this information.
Do I need more than one provider number?

It is a legal requirement that every provider has a provider number linked to each location that they provide a service. We are able to assist our users with the necessary forms to complete to create any new provider number.

Bupa Practice ID
A Bupa Practice ID is a number which links your bank details and practice locations with Bupa. This is required so that we can complete any billing with Bupa. They also require bank verification documents.
Signing Medicare Forms
Unfortunately Medicare do not accept electronic signatures which is why we need you to print, sign, scan and email back the documents that we send through to you. These documents link our MinorID to Medicare/DVA.


Who can use OpBill?
OpBill is now one of Australia’s fastest growing billing services. Originally for Surgical Assistants, we now cover Surgeons and Physicians. So if you are a surgeon starting your billing and you do not yet have your own PA, or if you are a part private, part public physicians, OpBill can be the easiest way for you to start billing, without any of the overhead costs. We aim to be Australia’s most cost effective and feature rich billing service yet. Don’t wait, and join hundreds of other doctors.
How to Submit a case with OpBill
After your OpBill account has been verified and you have updated your bank details with OpAlert on a PC you can begin uploading cases!

  1. Take a photo of the hospital sticker in Landscape orientation, please ensure the photo is clear  and includes as must of the hospital sticker as possible. Note: we do not require the hospital notes, only the sticker.
  2. Enter the Date of Case & Hospital
  3. Enter Item Numbers
  4. You can also add a User Comment, such as Workcover details or anything that we may need to be notified of.
  5. Upload Case!


Info on item Numbers
Only Assistant billable item numbers will be paid. You can check if the item numbers you are submitting to us are valid by searching the MBS website. Our priority is to bill all of your cases as quickly as possible, so if you submit a non assistant billable item number to us it may still be entered however the amount you are paid may differ.

It is up to you to submit assistant billable item numbers to us. Please note that Radiology item numbers are not Assistant billable.

If you submit one item number to us and we discover that it is not assistant billable we will notify you and void the case, you can then follow this up with the surgeon and re-upload if they used an alternate item number.

My Case isn't paid!
Never fear! There could be a number of reasons for your case to not be paid. First is that we need to wait until he surgeon completes their billing, which means that we wait 2 weeks from date of service to submit your case through to Eclipse. This minimises our followup of rejections to allow us to process your cases even faster!

Note the approximate time frames for invoice payment from Health Funds:

Bupa – Up to two weeks from when we submit

Other funds – within two weeks from when we submit

AHM/Medicare – within 24-48 hours from when we submit

We are always working on ensuring your cases are paid, we follow up with any rejections a number of times a week and only contact you if there is anything that requires your follow up – such as incorrect item numbers etc.

If you have a workcover or third party case these can take a significant amount of time to be paid, please see our Workcover/Third Party section below for more information.

Workcover / 3rd Party details
When you submit a Workcover/Third Party case to us please ensure you utilise the User Comment field to provide us with any Claim Numbers or Insurer details that may assist us with processing your case, otherwise we may need to Flag this case back to you for follow up.

If you obtain an email address or case managers name, this allows us to forward your invoice directly to the person concerned for more prompt attention. The more information the better to ensure you receive your money asap!

If your case is more than 90 days outstanding our system automatically moves this case from Processed to Paid. Should you require follow up on any old third party cases this may attract an additional fee.

Flagged Cases
If we Flag any cases back to you this is because we require additional information. We may require follow up of a patient Medicare or Health Fund details, claim number or insurance details or the item numbers provided to us may be incorrect or not assistant billable.

We allow you plenty of time to action these cases, however if not actioned within 90 days you will receive an email from us advising that this case will be marked as Void and may attract an additional fee to reinstate.

OpBill User Registration Backdate Policy
Provider Registration applications are submitted on your behalf to health funds upon successful completion of the ONE FORM. Registration for each provider location must be completed prior to providing and claiming services. Health funds register providers (including additional locations) from the date the health funds receive the completed application. All claims for services prior to the date of registration will not be accepted by the health funds and payment will be rejected by the fund. OpBill is not responsible for applying for backdating your registration with health funds for services provided prior to date of registration.                                                                              
In special circumstances some health funds will backdate a maximum of 30 days from the receipt date. However this can not be guaranteed. Should you wish for OpBill to lodge a backdate request on your behalf this will incur a fee of $15 per health fund backdate required.

Info about Opbill Services

Our Fees

We charge 1% for any standard cases billed above $500, for any cases billed under this amount our standard rate of $5 (exc gst) applies.

We charge 1% for any Workcover/Third Party cases billed above $1000, for any cases billed under this amount our standard rate of $10 (exc gst) applies.

You will receive a monthly statement showing what we have billed for you which includes the patient surname, item numbers, surgeon and our fee.

Should you have any questions regarding fees please do not hesitate to contact us.

How does OpBill generate their fees
Our fees are generated when we process your case, not when payment is received as our service is to bill your cases as promptly as possible, follow up on any rejections, offer you a beautiful platform and exceptional service. There may be a variation in the amounts paid and this could be because a non assistant billable fee was supplied, the health fund/Medicare have part paid the invoice or the case could be old and there is a difference in the schedule fee paid. If you feel like there is a significant difference in the amounts paid please contact us so we can look into this further for you.
Contacting OpBill
If you have any questions or concerns at all throughout your OpBill journey please do not hesitate to contact us. We pride ourselves on offering the most exceptional service at the lowest cost!

The direct email for any OpBill enquiries is: